Teagle Foundation to Sponsor IA Research on Civic Professionalism

By Jeremy Lane | June 05, 2012

By IA Director Jan Cohen-Cruz

We are pleased to announce that Imagining America’s research group on engaged undergraduate education is the recipient of a $150,000 grant from the Teagle Foundation over the next two years. The project focuses on “Civic Professionalism” as a roadmap for transforming educational practice through a dual focus on faculty work and student learning. It seeks to interweave the traditional strengths of the liberal arts, the values of civic inquiry and reflection, and the practical work of sustaining and supporting our communities and ourselves. Civic professionalism takes higher education beyond the transmittal of content knowledge to include an explicit focus on the values and social purpose underlying our use of that knowledge in the world. Faculty who deploy the tools of civic professionalism, embracing engagement with the world students will inhabit upon graduation, can provide an education that is transformative for students, society, and themselves.

With the leadership of Amy Koritz at Drew University and Paul Schadewald at Macalester College, the funds will support six institutionally specific strategies for putting civic professionalism into action. The other four institutions and their principle investigators include Brigitta R. Brunner and Giovanna Summerfield, Auburn University;
Darby K. Ray, Millsaps College; Catherine Gerard, Syracuse University; and Robin Bachin, University of Miami. IA’s Associate Research Director Deirdra Stockmann will work with the group in the area of evaluation. The findings will be shared with the entire consortium and more broadly in higher education communities.

The Teagle Foundation provides leadership for liberal education, mobilizing the  intellectual and financial resources that are necessary if today’s students are to have access to a challenging and transformative liberal education. The Foundation’s commitment to such education includes its grantmaking to institutions of higher education across the country, its long-established scholarship program for the children of employees of ExxonMobil, and its work helping economically disadvantaged young people in New York City—where the Foundation is based—gain admission to college and succeed once there.

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