Publicly Active Grads

The Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) program is distinctive in that its agenda is set, almost exclusively, by graduate students. Present strategies to advance PAGE include developing a theoretical framework for publicly engaged graduate education; creating opportunities for mentorship and collaboration, both with peers and with advanced scholars; and researching and promoting professionalization and career pathways for engaged students.

Each year, IA supports graduate students to participate in the national conference. These Fellows attend a day-long PAGE Summit that includes seminar-style discussion and analysis of public scholarship literature; in-depth dialogue and activities for building the language and practical skills of engaged scholarship; and small group exchanges for sharing and receiving feedback about their research and creative practice. Fellows also participate in conference sessions and meet with senior scholars and veteran practitioners for individual mentorship.

In recent years, an increasing number of graduate students have attended the IA conference, enabling IA to maximize the opportunity to build a ubiquitous national network of engaged graduate students. Their dynamic participation and critical feedback has increased PAGE’s role at and during the conference.

PAGE embodies the principles of participatory democracy by demonstrating how networking and self-organizing among graduate students can strengthen their facility for career decision-making and for realizing their aspirations.


The National PAGE program is directed by nine co-directors .

Meet the 2015-16 PAGE Fellows here.

Meet the 2014–2015 PAGE Fellows here.

Meet the 2013–2014 PAGE Fellows here.

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Meet the 2011–2012 PAGE Fellows here.

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