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Session Formats

Prospective presenters should propose an ideal format with which to share their ideas and their work, understanding that all proposals will be considered first as part of a locally organized and curated seminar or workshop. A proposal that does not fit neatly into a curated seminar or workshop will be considered as a stand-alone session.

Imagining America encourages prospective presenters to think creatively when crafting their ideal session design, and note the importance IA places on story/narrative, dialogue, and critical exchange. The most common session formats are listed below. Please note that IA does not accept paper presentations.  

  • Performance and Dialogue: These sessions provide the experience of particular performance-based engagement methodologies or innovative models of engaged performance. Sessions must include ample opportunity for discussion and critique.
  • Roundtable: Designed to generate discussion around a shared topic, issue, or action, roundtables begin with short statements (5-10 minutes) in response to questions distributed in advance by the organizer. The sessions are then largely discussion and feedback.
  • Workshop: A facilitator sets the agenda, poses opening questions, and organizes participant activities and discussions. The session can focus on specific skill development, problems, resources for higher education-community partnerships, or work and conversation on particular issues.
  • Media Session: Films, video or audio clips, or excerpts from projects that utilize new media. The viewing of or listening to media should not take up the whole of the sessions; presenters should build dialogue or other ways of engaging the audience into their proposed session description. Instructions for submitting media are included in the online submission form.
  • Poster: Conference attendees may present and solicit feedback on their existing and emerging projects by displaying a poster at a session dedicated to that format. Posters typically mix a brief narrative description with photographs, organizational or historical charts, maps, video, or other modes of presentation.
  • Pecha Kucha: Brief 6-7 minute thought collages of basic concepts. One slide is visible for 20 seconds. 20 slides are allowed. This format democratizes the presentations – all speakers are held to time limits and provide core concepts of their talk that can then be integrated into the subsequent group discussion session.


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