Tenure & Promotion

The Tenure Team Initiative on Public Scholarship (TTI) seeks to change campus policies related to tenure and promotion in order to free faculty, administrators, and students from the impediments of undertaking publicly engaged art and scholarship, and to ensure such work is formally recognized as a legitimate scholarly and creative activity. The TTI strives to ensure that public scholarship is not incompatible with professional success. By effecting change at the level of tenure and promotion policy, the TTI advances the democratization of higher education by working toward the full participation of diverse faculty and diverse students and by strengthening the public and civic mission of colleges and universities.

Defining Public Scholarship

Publicly engaged academic work refers to scholarly or creative activity integral to a faculty member’s academic area. It encompasses different forms of making knowledge about, for, and with diverse publics and communities. Through a coherent, purposeful sequence of activities, it contributes to the public good and yields artifacts of public and intellectual value.