Following the Conversation about SU

By Imagining America | October 25, 2011

Robin Wilson’s article, Syracuse’s Slide, has spurred a great deal of conversation since its October publication in The Chronicle of Higher Education. From the comments on the online version of the article, to drafted letters of response from various groups, to a second Chronicle article taking a different stance on the issues at hand (Eric Hoover’s Syracuse, Selectivity, and Old Measures, published Oct. 13), hundreds of people with opinions of all stripes have felt the need to contribute to the debate.

We here at Imagining America, being currently hosted by Syracuse University, and with a mission that aligns closely with that of SU’s Chancellor Nancy Cantor, have a vested interest in the issues being discussed, and have been following it all closely. We thought it would be helpful to create a timeline with links to the original article and some interesting responses all in one place, to give anyone interested in getting caught up an easier time of it. We encourage you to click through each of the links below and read the articles and comments on each. These are important times for higher education, and it is debate like this that will move us forward.

ADDENDUM (Posted 11/08/2011): The prestigious “Washington Monthly” also publishes rankings, based on Research, Service, and Social Mobility, as well as other factors. On this scale, among *National Universities* (which includes the Ivy League, etc.), SU ranks #14. [LINK]