Theater, Reentry, and Higher Education: Performances for Movement Building

By Imagining America | November 07, 2012

On the first evening of the New York City conference, two groups of men and women, all formerly incarcerated, presented theatrical work they had created to address various issues related to prisoner reentry. The first piece, Ritual for Return, is a project that started in 2009 in connection with IA associate director Kevin Bott’s action research dissertation. The second is The Space Between Time by “Theater for Social Change,” an initiative of the College and Community Fellowship in NYC.

Here, in seven parts, is video of the entire event, including introduction and post-performance Q&A with the audience.

Special thanks to Vivian Nixon (CCF), Elizabeth Mirarchi (“Theater for Social Change”), and Susan Sturm (The Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School and the New York Reentry Education Network). All were instrumental in pulling this event together.