Agriculture & the arts: an interview with Savannah Barrett

By jenjensen | March 25, 2014

Announcing the first of a series of podcast interviews for the Extension Reconsidered blog ~

S_BarrettWhat were you doing to improve your community when you were 15 years old? Savannah Barrett was addressing inequities in access to creative arts between rural and urban places by founding a rural arts council in her Kentucky home county. Today she is the Program Director of Art of the Rural and a young leader in the rural arts movement.

In the first podcast interview for the Extension Reconsidered blog series, Savannah tells our own Scott Peters about what got her involved in cultural organizing and how her experiences led to a connection between community arts and Cooperative Extension.

The interview has been edited for time considerations.

If you would like to nominate interview subjects for this series — folks with interesting stories and ideas that link Cooperative Extension with creative community building work — please contact Jen Jensen ( or comment here. Read more about the Extension Reconsidered initiative at the Extension Reconsidered web pages, and get blog updates on Twitter @ExtRecon.