New Public Issue on “Globally Engaged” Pedagogy, Research, and Creative Practice

By Imagining America | June 21, 2016

Public: A Journal of Imagining America is pleased to announce that Vol. 3 No. 2, “’Globally Engaged’ Pedagogy, Research, and Creative Practice,” is now available at

This issue focuses on implications and mechanics of civically engaged research, teaching, and creative practice across national boundaries. What does it mean to be “globally engaged?” What principles guide the building and sustaining of equitable relationships with international partners? What opportunities and challenges can/do international engagement partnerships present? What are the politics of framing and funding engaged arts, humanities, and design projects abroad? How do we recognize global engagement that is an extension of colonialism: “beneficent” projects that “bring civilization” to communities seen as eternal victims or as primitives? How do we instead enact a paradigm grounded in two-way projects aimed at bringing various populations’ epistemologies, semiotic paradigms, theories, and philosophies into scholarly and public discourse within and beyond their nations?

Public is a peer-reviewed, multimedia e-journal focused on humanities, arts, and design in public life. It presents projects, pedagogies, resources, and ideas that reflect rich engagements among diverse participants, organizations, disciplines, and sectors. Public breaks new ground as a hybrid online multimedia journal and archive, with innovative web interfaces to peer-reviewed multi-modal scholarship and creative work.

Public is part of Imagining America, a national consortium of some 100 colleges and universities, currently hosted by Syracuse University, that catalyzes change in campus practices, structures, and policies regarding public scholarship and creative practice. It seeks to enable publicly engaged artists, designers, and scholars to thrive and contribute to community action and revitalization. IA is committed to the intersection of culture and participatory democracy; Public is aligned with its Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals. The e-journal also promotes Syracuse University as a national leader in publicly engaged scholarship and practice.

Guest editor Teresa Magnum is now accepting one-page proposals for Vol 4, No 2,Digital Engagements – When the Virtual Gets Real” at Full submissions are due between August 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017 via the OJS submission portal. For more information, read the call for submissions.