2016-17 PAGE Fellows & Blog Salon

By Imagining America | August 24, 2016

Imagining America welcomes ten graduate students with a demonstrated commitment to publicly engaged scholarship and the cultural disciplines to the Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) fellows program. The 2016-17 PAGE cohort’s first action will be to produce a blog salon around critical issues of social change and engaged scholarship on the IA blog September 12-16, 2016.

Annually, PAGE fellows receive support from IA to attend the annual national conference where they constitute an important presence of graduate student voices. At the 2016 conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fellows will hold a pre-conference summit on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and facilitate a session on Friday, Oct. 7 that will allow all conference attendees hear PAGE fellows deliver 5-minute talks on their publicly engaged scholarship. Throughout their fellowship year, PAGE fellows continue to collaborate on art-making, teaching, writing, and research projects that align with IA’s national priorities.


2016-17 PAGE Fellows banner


2016-17 PAGE Fellows:
Diana Arterian, Ph.D. student in literature & creative writing at the University of Southern California
Christofer Rodelo, Ph.D. student in American studies at Harvard University
Diane Romo, M.S. cultural foundations of education at Syracuse University
Leah Marion Roberts, Ph.D. student of community research and action at the Vanderbilt University
LB Hannahs, Ph.D. student in higher education administrations at the University of Florida
Heather Radke, M.F.A. student nonfiction creative writing at Columbia University
Winoka Begay, Ph.D. student language, literacy, and sociocultural studies at the University of New Mexico
Michael Aguirre, Ph.D. student in history at the University of Washington
Angela Duran Real, Ph.D. student in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Washington
Yessica Garcia Hernandez, Ph.D. in ethnic studies at the University of California San Diego

Meet the Fellows




2015-16 PAGE Co-directors:
Elyse Gordon, Ph.D. student in geography, University of Washington, Seattle
Janeke Thumbran, Ph.D. student in African history, University of Minnesota
Alyssa Greenberg, Ph.D. student in art history, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brittany Farr, Ph.D. student in communication, University of Southern California
Lily Hodges, Ph.D. student in United States history, University of California, Davis
Sarah Atwood-Hoffman, Ph.D. student in American studies, University of Minnesota
Kira Pasquesi, Ph.D. student in higher education and student affairs, University of Iowa
Kush Patel, Ph.D. student in architecture, University of Michigan

About IA’s National PAGE Program
Created in 2003, the PAGE program is distinctive in that its agenda is set, almost exclusively, by graduate students. Present strategies to advance the PAGE program include developing a theoretical framework for publicly engaged graduate education; creating opportunities for mentorship and collaboration, both with peers and with advanced scholars; and researching and promoting professionalization and career pathways for engaged students.