Rural Arts Weekly and IA: At the Crossroads of Digital Play & Critical Engagement in Milwaukee 2016

By Imagining America | October 03, 2016

From democratized reportage to grassroots organizing campaigns, social media’s role in knowledge-sharing, coalition-building, and cross-sector creative leadership has never been more vibrant. Digital connectivity affords citizens and educators dazzling new opportunities to network, brainstorm, fundraise, and collaborate. Or, to put it another way: As we think, we hyperlink.

The 2016 Imagining America Conference organizers invite you to join Twitter-based discussion forum Rural Arts Weekly for front-lines coverage in Milwaukee, using digital platforms to explode binaries of digital and analog, creative and analytical, rural and urban, and academic and community-based organizing.

Here are a few ways to engage with IA, RAW, community partners, and your fellow attendees in Milwaukee: