Welcome to the 6th Annual PAGE Blog Salon!

By Imagining America | September 09, 2017

The 2017-2018 PAGE fellows are scholars, activists and artists at universities across the United States. They are dedicated to advancing critical inquiry into social movements, cultural production and issues of social and political agency using storytelling, public scholarship and engaged pedagogy. Together their work spans the theories and practices of engaged scholarship, both in and outside of academia.

The Blog Salon will take place over five days, featuring diverse content produced by the fellows each day. We invite you to engage with these innovative scholars and the entire PAGE community with your comments, questions and insights. This year’s salon format is organized with fellows reflecting on the following prompts:

— What does it mean to succeed or fail at public engagement or public scholarship? How might we assess publicly engaged scholarly work and make claims for its value in transforming the institutions and communities we inhabit?

–What creative potentials or unexpected challenges emerge when the politics and practices of our personal and professional networks intersect along complementary and/or conflictual lines? What does it mean to position oneself as a public scholar within these networks?

–What does democracy, social justice and equity mean to “us” – in an inclusive and fully participatory sense?

We are truly excited to introduce this year’s fellows to you. The fellows and PAGE alums will be continuing these conversations during IA’s national conference in Davis, California, in a session entitled: PAGE Fellows Lightning Talks on October 13. We look forward to discussing strategies for how to thrive at the intersections of academia, creative praxis, and engagement.

The 2017-2018 National PAGE Co-Directors

Angela, Romo, Kira, Kush and Winoka

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