Participate in IAStoryShare at National Conference

By Imagining America | October 07, 2017

We are excited to announce a new IA project to record and share the human stories of publicly engaged artists, designers, scholars, students and community members. And, we invite you to sign up for a session at the IAStoryShare booth, which will be set up at the 2017 Imagining America National Conference at UC Davis.

Here’s how it works:

Grab a “story-buddy” and come to the IAStoryShare booth to record a short conversation about what you care about, experiences that have shaped your life or work, challenges you have faced or your dreams for the future.

Your story-buddy could be anyone — someone you just met at the conference or a friend you’ve known for years.  We’ll provide some questions to get the conversation started. Use as many as you wish or none at all. Just have a conversation and follow it where it leads.

Your 25-minute talk will be recorded and archived. Portions may be used in IA materials about the conference and in future IA projects or productions.

It’s part oral history project, part snapshot of the current zeitgeist. Be part of the conversation!

Please check the conference schedule here [], find a time you and your story-buddy will be free and then sign up for your session here [].

Please direct any questions to Soterios Johnson (