National Advisory Board

Keitlyn Alcantara

Board Member & PAGE Co-Director

Keitlyn Alcantara is an Anthropology Doctoral Candidate at Vanderbilt University. Raised between US and Mexican worlds, her academic and personal growth has been strongly shaped by both. As an anthropological bioarchaeologist, she studies the ways ancient bodies were shaped by the social, political and economic structures. Her current project focuses on themes related to the body as a site of identity creation, particularly through food practices. Focusing on a skeletal population from Tlaxcallan, a state that resisted the expanding Aztec Empire in Late Postclassic Central Mexico (AD 1325-1519), her research explores how varied interactions with imperial powers are reflected in the physical body by documenting patterns of community health, exposure to violence, diet and foodways. In 2017, Keitlyn began the public scholarship program Saz√≥n Nashville ( a series of cooking workshops with middle school-aged Latinx immigrant communities in Nashville, fostering discussions about food as a site of memory, tradition, and identity. Through these two projects, her work emphasizes foodways as a diachronic link between ancient histories and modern politics.