Community Portal Login

Welcome to the IA Community Portal, launched in July 2020. We are excited to invite our IA members to join us on this online platform.

IA members can register now to connect with fellow activists, public scholars, artists, and designers, as well as share information across the IA network and organize toward greater social change.

Why register?

• Find, connect, and send Messages to colleagues across the network;

• Share information to the national network through posts through My Feed

• Subscribe to, post resources/questions, and receive feedback in our Forums

• Join interest area Groups to organize around topics you care about; 

• And more! Look for more opportunities to connect, learn, and share as we continue to develop this platform.

Ready to access? IA Members: Click HERE to log in now. 

Instruccions to Register

1 – Click HERE to log in, or use the same link above these instructions.

2 – Once on the new IA Community Portal login page, click on the link under Haven’t registered yet?

3 – Proceed through the registration process, following the prompts to create your login and password, as well as your profile.

a) Select your Affiliation/Professional Title

b) Input your Registration Information

c) Input your Membership Information and click Submit when you are done.

d) You will be redirected to the “Thank you for Registering” Landing Page once you complete your registration. 

4 – Sign into the Community Portal using your login credentials.

Not part of a member institution?

If you are not part of an IA Member Institution, click Here to email us and find out more about joining IA’s vibrant network of higher education and cultural institutions.
Please reach out to Trina Van Schyndel at if you have any questions or encounter any issues with the IA Community Portal. Welcome to this collective space!