Member Benefits

National Gathering

This three-day immersive experience engages public scholars, artists, designers, students, cultural organizers, and members of the general public in collaborative learning, dialogue, and problem solving. Organized in the city of a different member institution each year, the gathering provides a space in which participants can connect, dialogue, learn, and strategize on the ways in which the arts, humanities, and design are and may be leveraged locally, regionally, and nationally towards transformative learning and action. Members benefit from one free conference registration and discounted registration fees for students, faculty, and staff.

Publicly Active Graduate Education Fellows Program (PAGE)

PAGE is a national, interdisciplinary community of publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design. PAGE provides peer support, career networking, creates opportunities for collaborative knowledge production, and enhances the practice and pedagogy of public scholarship. Graduate students from member campuses are eligible to apply for a PAGE Fellowship on an annual basis.

IA/Joy of Giving Something (JGS) Undergraduate Fellows Program

The JGS Undergraduate Fellows program aims to elevate photography and digital media as pathways for students to pursue their careers and to make a difference in their communities. Open to undergraduate students from member campuses, fellows commit to a year-long learning exchange that includes tuition support, financial support for a creative community project, and opportunities for professional development.

Research Initiatives

In 2019-20, IA’s action-research portfolio expanded to include the new Leading and Learning Initiative to document successful practices and challenges to shifting campus culture in support of public and activist scholarship. IA is also a partner in a new creative community development research project with the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production. Both projects will announce member engagement opportunities in the coming year. Members are also invited to participate in the research groups Assessing the Practices of Public Scholarship (APPS), which works to build values based evaluation frameworks for assessing the impact, process, and relationships of public scholarship and campus-community engagement projects, and the Collective on Publicly Engaged Design (CoPED), which convenes leading design thinkers and doers to reflect upon and assert the importance of design in developing innovative strategies for engagement.

IA Teaching and Learning Circle (TLC)

This online learning community builds conversations, peer learning, and resource sharing across the IA consortium. The quarterly TLC webinar series for IA members features lively discussion on the opportunities, joys, and challenges of designing and delivering community and creatively engaged courses and projects, and other public scholarship and cultural organizing topics.

Social Community

Launched in early 2020, IA’s new online member networking platform YourMembership provides opportunities for IA members to connect and network with one another, join online listservs and focus groups by region and areas of interest , and to engage across IA programs and research groups. The software also includes an interactive online directory of IA members, resources, links to public scholarship and creative projects, and more.

Regional Campus-Community Organizing

Scholars, artists, designers, and community organizers participate in our regional gatherings to explore the theories and practices of public scholarship and cultural organizing, discuss pressing issues impacting member regions, and to foster a peer support network. Supported by IA staff and National Advisory Board members, regional events offer opportunities to learn, share, and practice public knowledge making. The SoCal Organizing Cluster organizes regular networking, community building, and campus-community organizing events in the greater Southern California region. If you are interested in the SoCal Cluster or in organizing a multi-campus IA network in your region, please contact Celestina Castillo, Lead Organizer, SoCal Cluster at

PUBLIC: A Journal of Imagining America

PUBLIC is an innovative peer-reviewed, multimedia e- journal that features art, scholarship, and dialogue at the intersections of the humanities, arts and design in public life. Public special issues have featured work on topics such as the arts in economic development, digital humanities and social justice, design and environmental stewardship, and often highlights more than one perspective on its subjects through curated conversations with people across traditional disciplinary lines and from multiple institutional, geographical and political contexts.

National Spotlight

IA promotes the value of public scholarship and knowledge production by lifting the stories of our members through a number of platforms including the StoryShare podcast, featured member spotlights on monthly newsletters, guest blogs, and social media.

Leadership Forum

Institutional leaders of IA member campuses are invited to participate in the annual IA Leadership Forum. The Forum, which take place at the annual National Gathering provides opportunities for institutional leaders to engage in critical analysis of leadership challenges and opportunities to devise collective strategies to better support public and creative scholarship

To learn more about member benefits, please contact IA Membership Director Trina Van Schyndel at