National Advisory Board

Rowena M. Tomaneng

Board Member

Rowena M. Tomaneng is the President of San José City College (SJCC) in the San Jose Evergreen Community College District in California, and a lecturer in International and Multicultural Education and Leadership Studies in the School of Education at University of San Francisco. Prior to SJCC, she was President of Berkeley City College, CA and served multiple roles at De Anza College, CA including teaching courses in literature, ethnic studies, and women’s studies and founding Director of the now-named Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy and Action (VIDA). Her research and publications explore human rights, social movements, transnational feminism, and racial equity in education for Asian American and Pacific Islander students. Rowenaserves on the boards for the Chief Executive Officers for the California Community Colleges, the Connie L. Lurie School’s Institute for Emancipatory Education, San José State University, and California Campus Compact.  Rowena is also the Vice President of Asian Pacific Americans for Higher Education.  She is a graduate of University of San Francisco’s School of Education in International and Multicultural Education with a concentration in Human Rights Education, and University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of California, Irvine.