Carol Mancke, Trena Noval, and Hannah Adamy

Carol is an architect, artist and educator who has worked in architecture practices in London, San Francisco and Tokyo. Through her work at the intersection of art and cities, she seeks to create thought-provoking interventions in situations and places of everyday life. In recent years, her art practice has focused on models of collaborative thinking, questioning, sharing and playing. 

Trena is an artist and educator. Her creative practice engages participatory research, generosity, cross-disciplinary platforms, food adventures and social engagement. At the heart of her work is the investigation of the intersections of social and natural ecologies, exploring the role of collective thinking and actions in a variety of contexts. Collaboration is an important part of her work process.

Hannah is a Ph.D. student in ethnomusicology at UC Davis and served as a Graduate Student Researcher for Engaged Scholarship and Engaged Learning at the university.

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