Artists and Scholars in Public Life

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photo of Slangston Hughes by Jaclin Paul

We are artists, humanists, & designers who are tapping the bold power of the cultural disciplines to animate an emerging movement & create transformation within higher education & society.

“Imagining America creates spaces where hearts and spirits meet minds for deep, impactful, and sustained knowledge­making and healing.” ­
~Former IA Director Timothy K. Eatman

"I love that IA is content neither to do without imagining nor to imagine without doing."
~Former IA Director/Public Co-Founder Jan Cohen-Cruz

How are you an agent of change in your community?

We are excited to announce that Imagining America’s 20th Anniversary Gathering will take place from Friday through Sunday, October 18 – 20, 2019 in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

In partnership with University of New Mexico

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Imagining America is a thriving consortium of colleges, universities, and cultural organizations. Our members strengthen the public roles of arts, humanities, and design fields through research and action initiatives, coalition building, and leadership development.

Signature Stories

When IA was created at a 1999 White House Conference, there was recognition of a movement growing among artists, humanists, designers, and other scholars in the cultural disciplines who passionately wanted to claim engagement at the core of their professional identities.

The Story of IA

Graduate and undergraduate students from Imagining America member institutions are fostering a vibrant network with meaningful opportunities for students to convene, share their work, and re-think the possibilities of higher education.

Student Stories