Foreseeable Future

Foreseeable Futures are a series of position papers drawing from keynote addresses delivered at Imagining America’s annual conferences and addressing debates about the public and democratic dimensions of the humanities, arts, and design and of higher education in general. 

David Scobey, Civic Engagement and the Copernican Moment (Foreseeable Futures #11). With a response by the 2011-2012 IA PAGE Fellows. 

Diana Taylor, Save As…Knowledge and Transmission in the Age of Digital Technologies (Foreseeable Futures #10). Introduced by Bruce Burgett and Miriam Bartha, with responses by Angelica Macklin and Micah Salkind. 

Dr. Michael White, Traditional New Orleans Jazz as a Metaphor for American Life (Foreseeable Futures #9). Introduced by Nick Spitzer with a response by Adam Bush. 

Judith F. Baca, La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra: Sites of Public Memory (Foreseeable Futures #8)

James T. Campbell, Navigating the Past: Brown University and the Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally, 1764-65 (Foreseeable Futures #7)

Scott Peters, Changing the Story About Higher Education’s Public Purposes and Work: Land-Grants, Liberty, and the Little Country Theater (Foreseeable Futures #6)

John Kuo Wei Tchen, Homeland Insecurities: Teaching and the Intercultural Imagination (Foreseeable Futures #5)

George Sanchez, The Tangled Web of Diversity and Democracy (Foreseeable Futures #4)

Nancy Cantor, Transforming America: The University as Public Good (Foreseeable Futures #3). With a response by Kristina Valaitis.

Mary Schmidt Campbell, Harlem: Parable of Promise or Peril (Foreseeable Futures #2)Richard J. Franke, Democratic Vistas for the Humanities (Foreseeable Futures #1)