We Are Just One

By Víctor Manuel Rubio Carrillo

In this video, I explore the nature of my environment through a musical and visual production. We face great challenges, and the impact of COVID-19 has led humanity to reflect on the underlying societal injustices and violence that sadly become normalized. This work is my effort to add to our cultural memory what we have gone through, and what we must overcome.

Lyrics of the Song

We are actors of the most radical play of the millennium
It took us by surprise, it left us to improvise

The cities transformed, isolation is norm
Exposing the ruptures of fantasy-centered growth
Then there are the ones who need us the most, yet mandate stated to just stay home
While those who are in charged can rest safe in comfort of systems that raised disparity as their own…

Backtrack and find, where was the point in that led us to fight?
Brothers and sisters encountered towards an individual desire
They said forget mutual aid, now is the time to win, who cares who you step over to achieve
If we let ourselves lose track of the essence of being alive, we risk the torture of exploiting against our kind, our kind…  

They said to fight!
Is not our war!
We are just one!
Hold my hand!


Music Composition, Performance, and Production: Víctor Manuel Rubio Carrillo

Featured Image: World Peace – Josh Hild

Photos used in the video: Man Laying in the Street: Harrison Haines; Street in Vadodara – Chris John; Woman Holding Coins – Riya Kumari; Children in Mbale – Dazzle Jam; Man Sitting in the Street – Milan Rout; Girl in Fence – Namo Deet; Man’s Face – Pixabay

Videos: Protests and Aerial View of Buildings in Squared Property – Kelly Lacy; City’s Aerial View of Business District – Taryn Elliot; Moon, People Throwing Fire, and US Dollars – Pixabay; COVID animation – Victor Varetto; Money Inside a Bottle – Ricardo Esquivel