Welcome to the 8th Annual PAGE Blog Salon

We are excited to welcome our 2020-2021 Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) cohort, composed of artists, activists, teachers, scientists, creators, and researchers from universities across the United States. These scholars share a central goal of shifting culture toward justice within higher education and society, through storytelling, dance, art, public scholarship, and engaged pedagogy. Together their work spans the theories and practices of engaged scholarship, both in and outside of academia.

The PAGE Blog Salon will take place over five days (September 21st – 25th, 2020), featuring diverse content produced by the Fellows each day. We invite you to engage with these innovative scholars and the entire PAGE community with your comments, questions, and insights. This year’s Salon format is organized with Fellows reflecting on the following prompts:

What does public scholarship mean to you and how have you started to think about or redefine it amidst this global pandemic? 

How does your creative engagement or public scholarship (or how would you like your creative and public scholarship to) contribute to imagining brighter and liberatory futures?

We are truly excited to introduce this year’s Fellows to you. The Fellows and PAGE alums will be continuing these conversations during IA’s 2020 Collective Creative Engagement and during PAGE Fellows Lightning Talks. We look forward to discussing strategies for how to thrive at the intersections of academia, creative praxis, and community engagement.

The 2020-2021 National PAGE Co-Directors

Keitlyn, Dillon, Paulina, Ionah

Learn more about our co-directors here. Take a look at last year’s fellows here.