Why Join

Membership provides the ability to contribute to and access the intellectual and creative capital that is the consortium’s greatest strength. All member affiliates are actively invited to become part of a national effort to shape and frame conversations about enhancing a public culture of democracy on and off campus and alleviating public problems through democratic scholarship.

Member Benefits

  • Ongoing consultation related to civic engagement initiatives, including expanding tenure and promotion policies, grant writing, curriculum development, creating assessment protocols, building and sustaining equitable campus-community partnerships, and strategizing for maximum impact of civic engagement initiatives campus-wide.
  • Opportunities to participate in national research and policy initiatives on topics of concern to the consortium. Individuals from member and partner institutions are eligible to join research teams supported by IA.
  • One free conference registration and prioritized proposals for the annual conference. With over 400 attendees each year, IA’s national conference features innovative campus-community partnerships that advance democratic scholarship and practice.
  • Waived registration fees for regional meetings. One-to-two day meetings enable members to work deeply with IA leadership on a single issue or subject, such as IA’s Tenure Team Initiative, to showcase project sites, and to catalyze campus-wide efforts, while encouraging regional collaboration and networking.
  • Two campus site visits per three-year membership agreement. IA’s senior staff and national advisory board are available to meet with faculty, administrators, students, and community leaders, and to facilitate conversations and workshops on IA’s national research and policy initiatives.
  • Opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to receive competitive fellowships that provide funding to take advantage of professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities at IA’s national conference. Fellows are involved in shaping the priorities and directions of IA’s student-based initiatives.
  • Access to IA policy reports and research findings, newsletters, think pieces, archived publications, and audio and video from local, regional, and national convenings. In addition, soon individual and customizable member pages on IA’s website will give member institutions even more visibility as public scholarship leaders.

To learn more, email us.